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Castle Wood Products - YOUR solution to unsightly yard and wood waste!

Garden cleanup, lawn trimmings, tree and shrub clippings, deminsional lumber, sod, rocks, dirt, broken concrete - We accept organic waste!

Castle Wood Products offers recycling services that are unique in the fact that we detour  useful products from the landfill. Our goal is to provide the community with quality services that are usable and readily available. We are full service company established in 1991 with a genuine commitment to proffessional and affordable service.

With over 10 years of experience, we have earned a stellar reputation for our service. We are an Idaho family owned and operated business.

Castle Wood Products accepts a variety of natural products, including but not limited to, grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings, sod, soil, garden cleanup, deminsional lumber, and construction waste. Our minimum drop fee is $5.00 which covers a standard full size pickup full or less. For loads that are over the minimum fee we go strictly by the yard. Grass, leaves and Wood waste are $1.00 a cubic yard and Sod, rock, soil and concrete are $2.00 a cubic yard.


Our large grinder creates usable bedding for large animals such as cattle, horses, etc. We will grind to your specifications if you wish. Please see the
PRODUCTS page for more specifications on bedding material.

Castle Wood Products is also a licensed composter, one of only a very few in the state of Idaho. We compost leaves, grass and small woody materials and are proud to say we use NO manures and NO chemicals in our process. We depend on good old Mother Natures process.

Our Recycle Yard is located at 3608 Banner Ave. in Boise Idaho. The phone number is 208-362-0772. Directions are South on Orchard to Victory turn Right on Victory 1/2 mile to the first road on the left which is Gowen. Left on Gowen 1/2 mile to the first road on the right which will be West Contractor. Right on West Contractor to the end turn right on Banner Ave.

**Summer hours 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. 9am to 5pm on Saturday.10am to 4pm on Sunday.
**Winter hours 9am to 5pm Monday thru Saturday.

For further information please call the yard at 362-0772 or the main office at 368-0242.

Castle Wood Products also sells a wide variety of soil products. Please see our
PRODUCTS page for information.


Our Nursery in Emmett is CLOSED.

Not only do we provide you with a service that helps the environment, we help YOU get the most from it!!

Thank you for visiting our site, please browse around and feel free to email us or call us with questions or comments.
Pumpkin vine and flowers grown in Castle Wood
Products compost.   Summer 2002
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